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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homesurfer?

Once approved by regulatory authorities, Homesurfer will manage a series of companies that each own single-family homes in a specified U.S. city. Each of these companies, directly and through partners:

  • Selects and inspects the homes;
  • Using mortgage loans and the funds that users have invested in that company, purchases those homes that have met Homesurfer’s quality standards;
  • Renovates the homes to institutional-quality specifications;
  • Rent the homes to qualified residents; and
  • Performs on-going maintenance and service for the residents and the homes.
  • Homesurfer’s investing platform (expected to be launched in 2022) allows users to invest in these companies. Unlike publicly-traded REITS whose value can fluctuate with the market and stock investor sentiment, the value of the companies managed by Homesurfer are set monthly based on the value of the homes each company owns and the rental income those homes generate.

Why did you start Homesurfer?

We believe that the economic benefits of owning single-family homes should not be exclusive to those who can afford a full down payment on a home and who have the time and ability to manage rental properties. We have designed Homesurfer so that any person willing to invest at least $100 can own a fractional share of a diverse portfolio of houses in the city of their choice, earning their proportional benefit of rental income and home price appreciation.

What makes Homesurfer different from other real estate crowd-funding platforms?

Homesurfer is the only investment platform that allows a user to invest as little as $100 into a portfolio exclusively composed of single-family homes in a specific U.S. city of the user’s choice. Homesurfer takes all of the hassles of selecting, buying, and managing rental properties and leaves users with the resulting rental income and house price appreciation.

Why should I buy a fractional share of a portfolio of homes?

We believe in the investment advice “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.” Investing all of your money in one home (or a share of one home) creates very concentrated risk. The need for a major repair or the home remaining vacant for a few months will have a significant impact to your economic outcome.

Each of these events across a diverse portfolio of homes will have less impact to the overall value and return of your investment.

Can anyone invest and what is the minimum investment amount?

We have designed Homesurfer’s investment platform so that any adult in the U.S. can open a Homesurfer account with as little as $100. You can add to your investment as frequently as every month or on demand as your finances allow.

How will i be able to withdraw my investment from the Homesurfer-managed company or companies I invest in?

While the rule of thumb for buying a home is that buyers should stay for five years or longer to offset real-estate commissions and other closing costs, Homesurfer products are designed to be held for a minimum of just one year. Of course, the longer you hold your investment, the higher the potential for home price appreciation and the greater potential rental income your investment will earn. Each of the companies managed by Homesurfer plan to repurchase shares monthly from those investors looking to redeem. The companies will have working capital and access to credit lines to pay for the shares redeemed by investors, and could generate cash by selling shares to other investors or selling homes to those looking to buy properties.

What will an investment in a Homesurfer cost me?

We believe in simplicity and transparency. Homesurfer does not charge an upfront commission or have any undisclosed fees. Once approved by the relevant regulatory authorities, Homesurfer will earn an annual management fee from each of the companies it manages based on the total cost of the homes purchased. In most cases, the companies will pay this fee from the rental income that the companies earn and should not come out of the investment Homesurfer users make in the companies.

What is the waitlist for?

Homesurfer is pre-registering interest from potential app users in advance of the expected launch in 2022. Waitlist members will get access to the app and the ability to invest in the home-owning companies Homesurfer manages based on their priority in the waitlist. Friends who register using your referral code will earn you points to move up the waitlist, and if you open a Homesurfer account after your turn arrives, Homesurfer will award you $25 in account credit for every referral of yours who invests at least $1000.

Still have questions?

Please email us at We’d love to tell you more about Homesurfer!


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